Understanding Adidas’s ‘Original Never Dies’

When I first saw the new film for Adidas originals SS17 I thought what on earth is going on. I also noticed my favourite feminist artist, the lovely Petra Collins laying on a bed. I also instantly recognise the memorably beautiful Boticelli painting ‘The Birth of Venus’ glitched over her as her naked body is covered in cute floral stickers and she takes a selfie. The pink and purple hues over her and intimate subject matter plus the nod to such an empowering female focused artwork is incredibly Petra. This only lasted a few seconds though, and I did notice Snoop Dog with a dog mask…being…snoopdog aha. The film is a mashup of loads of different scenes that include models, artists and musicians, recreating infamous art pieces. As I looked into the film I found that Snoop was recreating a campy chase scene inspired by his ‘Doggy style’ album artwork though the gender roles were revered. Yay raising gender issues!. In every scene all involved are singing ‘My way’ by Frank Sinatra which I believed was a creative way of showing individual expression. The film is incredibly diverse with many cultural references. The title ‘Original Never Dies is literally the narrative which took me a minute but I got it. Adidas trainers were one of the original ~~sneakers and still hold a legacy, I like this movement from the brand, making themselves more relevant than ever.


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